Refund Policy

Your money is very important , we won't let it be waste.

How you pay us
  • You pay to HostEvil when you buy any web service from us.

When can you ask for Refund
  • You can ask for refund , When you are facing any problem with our products or service.

Procedure for refund
  • You can ask for refund through creating a ticket from your clientarea.

What You should not do?
  • You should not over exceed our resources , You should not have done any spam , You did not harmed our servers , You are facing any issue and Yourself Created a problem. We will look for the problem and if its your fault we can not refund in that case.

How much time will it take to refund?
  • By our side , We will instantly initiate your refund , Delays may happen due the payment method you used to pay us. Maximum time to get refund is 7 days.

Mid Term Refund
  • You can get refund In Mid term if any Problem occurs from our sideas well as client side . Refund will be initiated for only the remaining unused period.

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